Holopaw's John Orth on Whether Gay Can Still Be Edgy and the Beauty of Gainesville

Holopaw is named after a Central Florida town not very far from the Gainesville band's main stomping ground. Wikipedia claims the name "derives from Indian term for 'place where something is hauled'," But if the Seminole word for haul is "hol" or something, we'll eat a shoe. Either way, there's something special about that name, and a whole lot special about the band.

With Academy Songs, Volume I, frontman John Orth penned some haunting, romantic tunes set in an all-boys prep school -- a sort of gay boy's fantasy wrapped up in one solid sonic indie package. Holopaw is working on a new video featuring Bearded Boy -- a handsome internet sensation who likes to put things up his butt -- and a gay leather biker gang.

The band is heading to Miami's Gramps Bar tonight. Owner Adam Gersten says, "I've been friends with some of the fellas in Holopaw for neigh on fifteen year. 'Tis a pleasure to host them at Gramps. Nay, an honor." Orth shared a story with us from the old days about Gersten involving broken glass and lots of blood. Gersten added, in a more modern tone, "As a special treat, Roger Beebe will be on hand utilizing 16mm film to create spectacular visual atmospheres around what already promises to be an enchanted aural experience."

We spoke with Orth about how growing up around old yearbooks influenced the subject of their last album, and he explained what a "Jeep fag" is.

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