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Robert Smith and Vince Neil Form Supergroup

Motley Cure.jpg
According to celebrity pulicist Mike Ock, Robert Smith and Vince Neil met while shopping on South Beach, hit it off and will be forming a supergroup to be called Motley Cure. They plan to cover r&b songs from the 50's and 60's and create an elaborate stage show involving acrobats, bearded ladies, and South American penguins. Above is the official press image that has been released to limited publications. Motley Cure will play their first show in Southwest Miami-Dade at Krome Avenue and SW 8th Street in a parking lot, an arena sized parking lot. There will be food, malt liquor, pinatas, a log tossing contest, alligator wrestling and gothic circus. There will be kleenex stations for all Robert Smith fans who need to cry and  chairs for all the old ladies who are into Vince Neil's shit. Motley Cure is currently recording their first album, tentatively titled "Shout Like A Biatch."

Think we're bullshitting? Click Here For Motley Cure's MySpace.