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Backstage: "International Pop Overthrow" Hosting Forward Motion Records Artists

Music vet and New Times scribe Lee Zimmerman shares stories of memorable rock 'n' roll encounters that took place in our local environs. This week: Further signs of South Florida's increasing rock relevance.

Those familiar with the annual power pop extravaganza known as the "International Pop Overthrow" know full well that aside from South by

Southwest, this is the gig to land for any band seeking to gain a

national profile. After all, in rock 'n' roll, you're known for the company you keep. And with literally

dozens -- if not hundreds -- of artists taking part, the crowd that

congregates at IPO is fairly prestigious. Given that fact, Dreaming in

Stereo and the Chris Alvy Band, two of the acts that make up Fernando

Perdomo's Forward Motion Records roster, have reason to be proud. Both

outfits are in Los Angeles for the 2011 IPO that begins today and wraps on Wednesday.

"Playing Los Angeles is always a blast because people there actually go out to see bands on a regular basis, and that gives them a certain savvy," Perdomo told us. "So it's very gratifying that we get a great response out there. We'll be doing 'I'm Not Gonna Move to L.A.' [a song from the last Dreaming in Stereo album]. Last time, we had a big sing-along in L.A., which is ironic and very poignant. L.A. is where people go to reach their dreams, but very often, they have their dreams crushed there." 

Part of the perk, Perdomo says, is reconnecting with friends and compatriots who have migrated to Los Angeles over the past few years -- or, as he puts it, "the many artists carrying the South Florida banner out there."

This is the third IPO appearance for Dreaming in Stereo. The band will play this evening at Bar Lubitsch, while the Chris Alvy Band performs the following evening at Molly Malone's. Both bands will participate in a special South Florida showcase on Wednesday at the King King club in Hollywood along with another Forward Motion artist, Omine, as well as former homeboys Alih Jey, Robbie Gennet, and Chris Price.

Check out the entire International Pop Overthrow schedule here.

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