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Savoy Promises "a Crazy Ass Light Show" at Revolution Live

Savoy hit the scene only a few years back and already has a diverse following of devoted fans addicted to its adrenaline-inducing, notoriously high-energy live shows. The band's name itself is all inclusive. The trio of Gray Smith, Ben Eberdt, and Mike Kelly titled their act after the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, the first nightclub where everyone, all races included, could come dance for free.

The group's unique setup - two DJs and a live drummer - is just one of the things that has it standing out starkly from countless other EDM acts filling up venues. Drummer Mike Kelly explains why this format works for them. "When drumming with a traditional band, you're really the machine that is keeping time. With the live production stuff, the time is being kept by the computers giving me more room to rock out and embellish the tracks."

The trio which met at University of Colorado Boulder, now makes its home in Brooklyn. It is currently celebrating the release of its new album Self Predator with the Mo Lasers Mo Problems tour featuring Bright Lights. The group will perform songs with great names like "Gin N Chronic" and "Ugh" at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale on September 5.

"We're beyond excited for this tour," Kelly exclaims. "Without giving away too many surprises, you can definitely expect a lot of new music, live instrumentation, live vocals, and a crazy ass light show," which is good news for those who dabble in psychedelics.

What Kelly most enjoys about these live shows? He says it's, "feeding off the energy of the crowd." Savoy has all its music available for download on its official website at no cost. "We just want everyone to be able to listen to our music so they can come rage with us at our shows." Of the band's newest endeavor, Kelly says, "Our newest album, Self Predator, was really fun to make. We didn't set any boundaries and just made what we were feeling, regardless of genre or anything like that."

So expect nothing but surprises.

Savoy. With Bright Lights. 7:30 p.m., Friday, September 5, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $16 in advance plus fees and $18 day of show. Call 954-4491025, or visit

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