Hollywood Artcenter 2020 Art Walk Opening Features Sri Prabha's "Noise Reduction Experiment # 3"

A new art space in Hollywood, FL, is getting some hype from Kimmy Drake, the singer of the city's super popular indie band, Beach Day. Drake calls Artcenter 2020, "really raw and super rad." She told us that tomorrow night is the perfect time to check out this hot spot. For one night only, at this month's Hollywood Art Walk on March 15, the gallery is showing an interactive, super spaced-out installation by Sri Prabha, Noise Reduction Experiment # 3.

Prabha, originally from Hyderabad, India, is one of seven local, contemporary artists showing at the Harrison Street space. The others are: Victor Delgado, Guillermo Mazzotti, Courtney Ortiz, Ketey Penner, Daniel Pontet, and Ana Ubal.

Prabha's work is inspired by both deep sea exploration and the Hubble Telescope; generally, it looks at how scientific discoveries affect his "place in the world." In his artist statement, he asks, "How does our new intellectual understandings compare with our emotional responses to these discoveries?"

"Noise Reduction Experiment # 3" is an interactive video art installation that, described in detail: "As you walk through the installation, the work reminds you of walking through the cosmos the stars, sea life, and DNA. The images are dynamic and moving. The idea is to remind ourselves that we are a part of humanity, and as a species, to think about the universe." He sees that as a way to dissolve the barriers of race and gender, uniting humanity.

The viewer is also expected to think about themselves, do something, and leave a little behind. "Another component of the piece is to write down something that you find precious, that you will take with you on a journey away from Earth." he explains. "These objects or other species or trees or whatever you find precious that you write down on a tag, will be hung in the video installation piece. Those words then also become part of the video installation. Each time this installation is up somewhere, it grows, based on the interactions of the people who have seen it before." Sort of like an ever expanding universe.

This is the third version of Noise Reduction Experiment, and each time it adjusts to fit the space in which it's installed and the input of the audience. "Sound is a very important component," Prabha explains. "There are elements of the ocean, of nature, of kayaking, as well as sounds retrieved from the spacecraft Voyager as it passed Galileo." The goal is to get you thinking and feeling and meditating on everything.

Art Center 2020. Downtown Hollywood Artwalk. 7 to 10 p.m., Saturday, March 15, at 2020 Harrison St., Hollywood. Email [email protected], or call 305-494-0944.

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