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Happy Birthday, Jerry Garcia! A Little "Jerry Trip" for the Heads

Most people who love Jerry Garcia never had the good fortune of meeting him -- in the conventional sense. ​Many of us did not even have the good fortune of seeing Jerry Garcia in person. However, we've all come to know and love him in our own ways through our engagement with "Jerry" in the various forms in which he has manifested, and continues to manifest, in this world.

He was mystical, larger-than-life, yet painfully human -- especially at the end. With humor, heart, and brilliance, he embodied the expanding consciousness of the hippies as well as the struggle of one man, as an artist and public figure.

Through his words and music, he gave form to that which is so elusive and intangible. With breathtaking grace, he ventured deep into mystery, and he took countless souls with him. When we listen to Jerry now, it is comforting because we know that he has been there, danced there. And it is expansive because he takes us there still. We dance with him still. And we cry with him as he so eloquently touches the truth of our embodied suffering. Jerry gave voice to the great beyond, as well as our blood and guts, and we are ultimately grateful for that gift.

Here on what would have been his 69th birthday, we'd like to offer those of us who are still truckin' the opportunity to hang with Jerry in the form of this tribute blog. Here you'll find some quick flashes and some deeper trips into Jerry-town. All nuggets within are certified heady. May they sweeten your unfolding day.

"Shall we go, you and I, while we can?" Let's...

Young Garcia: "We're thinkin' about a peaceful planet..."

"Ultimately, what would like to happen is... music would be seen as what it really is."

"If [ideas] are flowing, they are flowing, and there is no struggle."

"Eyes of the World," 1974

...and the Dead did live long. Here's Garcia talking about it as the end drew nearer.

Now, close your eyes...

"Nothing left to do but..."

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