Wizard Sleeve's NSFW "Hipster Slut" Video Is Chatroulette-Ready

The wiseacre South Florida/United Kingdom hip-hop collective Wizard Sleeve point enormous pointy purple hats at a legion of models clad in American Apparel-style gold lame and acid-wash denim in the new video for "Hipster Slut," released Sunday. Subtle and/or tasteful would not be the ways to describe the body-painted debauchery that unfolds via video chat.

Created by Jacuzzi Films in the U.K., the clip features Wizard Sleeve rhymers Mike Beatz and Lex One, plus their pal Verbal Kush, awash in their good fortune. Choice line: "My girl looks like Lord of the Rings." Take two drinks each time a meme pops on screen and you'll be sauced. Watch below.