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MP3 of the Day: Evan Rowe / Catalonia

Evan Rowe is an opinionated and articulate young man with some good insights into the nuances of the music business as business. That's what it is. Though an argument can be made as to the artistry behind music; in the end, when it becomes available, it falls into some type of business model. While I'm not entirely sure that I've filtered his meaning with accuracy, I do enjoy his very modern take on how to release music independently for 2010. Quoting from a recent e-mail: "The burst is a release of 3 to 4 songs at a time. There is really no reason for 'extended play,' 'album' or 'long play' in 2010." The video above is one of these bursts, "My Liver is My Friend."

Atmospheric in the eerie sense of us not exactly knowing the meaning of this friendship between troubadour and liver, it is a track imbued with nice guitar work and ghostly melody; I at least get the sense that the liver's the one upholding the friendship better. But I guess we all know about musicians and their livers, right? It's also nice to see images of impressionist, post-impressionist, pop culture and randomness strewn about the visuals; which I'm sure necessitates a more academic take to follow-up on the artist's opinion on the state of the music business and music at large.

Well, for one, I had been wondering about the wellbeing of Catalonia and here's proof that the mellow pop sensibilities that make them crowd favorites are still intact. Enjoy this one for now, as more bursts will appear soon on these pages.

Evan Rowe is a local songwriter and performer best-known as Catalonia, a professor of political science and history at Broward College, and a small-d democratic strategist with no party affiliation. Read some of his thoughts here.