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Moving Units: Radio-Active Records' Top 5 Releases for June 8-14

In our Moving Units column, Mike Ramirez at Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records graciously keeps us up-to-date and comments on the current releases flying out of his store each week.

Local bros the Jacuzzi Boys not only have a winning album cover for the limited-run Bricks or Coconuts three-track vinyl (Ratatat's new one isn't bad either), but the title track is meant to be played loud, loud, loud. This is barbecuing music: two chords roaring out of a vintage amp, some tambourine jingling, and Gabriel Alcala's sun-kissed pipes. From what we hear from the Radio-Active folks, the supply is limited, and so is our patience for people who wait around and don't get out there to obtain what they want.

If all the reader wants is to find out what else got some serious scans over at Radio-Active, the recommended action is to read on.

Radio-Active Records' Top 5 Releases for June 8-14:

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today (4AD) "Do believe the hype: APHG's new LP is a masterpiece. Taking cues from

70's AOR radio, a full band (first time), and working in an actual

studio, Before Today is the Fleetwood Mac meets 10CC hanging out with

Ace album drenched in middle-class LSD that you never heard. What does

that mean? Check out the album and hear for yourself! Drugs not included"

2. Ratatat - LP4 (XL) "Ratatat is right behind with the aptly titled LP4. Not sure if they

are pulling a Peter Gabriel or just lazy but expect more

electronic/guitar/fuzz that's a little more coherent without shedding

any aggressiveness.

3. Jacuzzi Boys - Bricks or Coconuts (Mexican Summer) "Jacuzzi Boys creep in with their brand new 45 off of Mexican Summer

that's already flying out the door. Only 1,000 copies of this one

pressed, so you gotta move it before you lose it. You know how Mexican

Summer is; you can buy it now at retail or sell your car to pay for the

eBay price."

4. LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening (DFA)

5. Washed Out - Life Of Leisure (Mexican Summer) "Sorry kids, the second press of Life of Leisure from Washed Out is gone. Might as well be called 'Sold Out.'"

Which albums will we be talking about next week?

"The Gaslight Anthem's American Slang (SideOneDummy), Foals' Total Life Forever (Sub Pop), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Mojo (Reprise), Drake's Thank Me Later (Young Money), Oasis' Time Flies (Big Brother), and Devo's Something for Everybody (Warner Bros.)."