Baja Beach Club Closes Doors After One Month

Once upon a time -- in the '90s -- a magical spot known as Baja Beach Club sparkled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. It was a place where Spring Break never stopped and the body shot was born. And for some crazy reason, a group of investors thought they could revive this concept 14 years later in the town of Boca Raton.

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The Baja Beach Club opened its doors with mechanical sharks, bikini-clad ladies, and a positive outlook on October 5. And within a little over a month, the club owners set a new record for the quickest opening and closing of a club in South Florida. So, we have to wonder what went wrong?

In a recent interview with the Sun-Sentinel, owner -- and original founder of the Baja Beach Club chain -- Larry Spatz said:

"We weren't bringing in enough people," Spatz said. "It's a large club that we would have to have a significant amount of customers to create the right energy in, but we weren't getting enough heads through the door by far."

The owners don't know what they'll do with the 10,000p-square-foot space. Maybe the next time around, they'll cater to the hipsters. It'll probably be a helluva lot cheaper to serve up tall boys of PBRs as opposed to Grey Goose body shots.