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Phantomime Music Video Features Final Green Room Party

Have you been lacking mayhem in your life? Chances are it's because you are experiencing Phantomime release party fomo. If you happened to miss the wild burlesque final experience at Fort Lauderdale's Green Room, the band provided you with an opportunity for one last way to participate.

At the Green Room release party on August 31, Phantomime recorded footage for their "Masquerade" music video. The end product captures the look, feel, and vibes of the original party without the proverbial vodka Red Bulls.

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How did the audacious party go? Guitarist Kevin Stewart was somewhat surprised by the success. "It was a bit surreal. The whole night went so smoothly, I was kind of anxious about something going wrong." The splendid atmosphere is perfectly captured in the band's first official music video and might shed some light on what was surrounding you if you were deep in the mosh pit.

The Masquerade video has everything you ever wanted. Snakes, fire, masks, and booty. That about covers everything. The wild rager that ended the Green Room legacy finished without Phantomime realizing what they had accomplished. Kevin said, "It wasn't until after the whole event, where I was stumbling around with a couple beers in my hands, that Johnny (the booker/bartender) told me that our burlesque show was the last show at the Green Room."

What's next for the phellas? They plan on taking The Heist to new heights. The official release coupled with the party and video have provided the band with a serious platform for bringing their schtick to bigger venues for a wider audience.

As for the lead single, "Masquerade," its got an infectious hook and serious keyboard flair that allows for lead singer Rico Cruz to deliver angsty lyrics in a beautiful fashion. Travel back in time to The Heist release party and stay there forever with this clip that offers everything you might have missed, whether you were in the bathroom for three minutes or accidentally never left your couch.

Phantomime performs on October 6, as part of the Festival of Souls on Las Olas.

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The Heist is available for purchase on iTunes.