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Flash Everyone at Mansion, Michael Jackson-Style

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You know those Michael Jackson tributes that have been popping up on the web recently, where there's a random group of people that randomly bust out with the "Thriller" dance at a random place in a random time?

Well, those are called flash mobs, and this Wednesday, Mansion (1235 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach) will be hosting one.

Kind of.

The Opium Group is putting the group together to promote the official Miami premiere of the new Michael Jackson movie, This Is It. OG also promises to post the "flash mob" video on YouTube.

It's a decent PR move, considering that the MJ hysteria still has momentum and everyone just loves viral videos, but the fact that we already know that Mansion is planning this event takes the whole "flashiness" out of the equation of creating, well, a mob.

To participate in the flash mob/PR event/played-out viral video stunt/whatever, head over to Mansion today at 7 p.m. for its open auditions. The only restrictions are that participants must be 21 and older and you have to be available for both today's rehearsal and the subsequent event on Wednesday, but besides that, anything goes.

Members of the mob will receive complimentary admission and free drinks from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m on Wednesday night. Everyone else will just have to look past the abundance of red leather jackets and be totally surprised by the impromptu performance.