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Remember "Balloon Boy"? He's Nine and in "The World's Youngest Metal Band" (VIDEO)

Remember in 2009 when a Colorado man named Richard Heene reported that his six-year-old son had accidentally been carried off in his homemade air balloon, but it was deemed a hoax?

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Well, the boy, Falcon Heene, is now nine and says he doesn't really remember the incident.  Nowadays, life is all about the heavy metal band he (as the singer) has started with his brothers Ryo (12, drums) and Bradford (13, lead guitar). The Heene Boyz are billed as "the world's youngest metal band." They live in Spring Hill, Florida (near Tampa) and have been playing  all over the state since their first gig at a cafe/hookah bar in May.

Our feature this week is all about the family and what they've been up to. Here's a transcript of our first telephone interview with them. (We ended up meeting them later in person.)