Toots and the Maytals Play the Culture Room This Sunday

Legendary reggae artist Toots Hibbert is coming to Broward County this weekend. If you're even vaguely familiar with the history of reggae, you'll know that Toots is a long-time staple of the much so that he lays claim to being the first musician to use the word "reggae" in a song. His 1968 hit, "Do the Reggay" really might be the first tune to use that word...but he's still a consumate reggae ambassador (and a badass performer) regardless of if his claim is true or not.

He's playing the Culture Room this Sunday and if his set is anything like the last time he was in town, this will definitely be a night to remember. You can read more details about that show by clicking on this link.

Here's a clip of the original Maytals playing their hit, "Sweet and Dandy." Props to anyone who knows what movie this scene is actually from...or better yet, if you can name the famous producer who died in 1971 (apparently from a curse) that's also featured in this clip.

--Jonathan Cunningham