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Mr. Entertainment Makes Unceremonious Return With July Gigs

From his longtime Hollywood hideout, Mr. Entertainment (Steve Toth) makes this announcement: He's coming out to play. And you know what that means, kids. He's got the Pookiesmackers with him, that gleeful glop of glee-mongers. The band isn't promoting a new record; in fact, it's out helping Tongues of the Heartworm, who is peddling recent wares. 

To dispel any nasty rumors floating around down here in Tropical Mayberry, Mr E. just says, "This is not a reunion gig, we are not breaking up, no burlesque dancers... just no-bullshit rock 'n' roll. There'll be music, there'll be fun, and you just might learn something before we are done." Learn what, exactly?

Probably nothing, says Mr. E: "I'm in between the Tour De France and a World Cup game at the moment."

The band plays only about ten to 20 times a year, he says, so he's glad to get out of the house. What else has he been up to?

"The Pookies [are] still going after more than a decade. Our newest CD was released in November, and we have a single too. We still just do our own thing. I helped Radio-Active Records get their in-store together for about a year and recorded some bands there with great results. One of my bandmates, John Mahoney, likes recording, so we've been working on other band's shit for fun and experience. John's sister Trish is in Angry Pudding."

Having Mr. E and the 'Smackers stop by to help make a record must be like George Clinton coming over saying he needs to use your stove to bake a batch of brownies.

Don't miss this, because it's always fun: first on July 16 at the Monterey Club with Between Enemies and Tongues of the Heartworm, then on July 24 at Propaganda with Angry Pudding and Tongues of the Heartworm.