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Jacuzzi Boys Release Pitchfork Approved Album; Host Release Party at Churchill's

Miami's Jacuzzi Boys are having an album release party for their eponymous sophomore release this Saturday at Churchill's Pub. But if you want a head-start in being able to sing along to all their new songs, the album is currently streaming for free on Pitchfork.

The eleven track offering continues to show the trio's garage-rock roots, with its muffled guitars and vocals, but with the seeming intent of taking their band name literally. The new songs are warm and bubbly and strangely enough reminiscent of Phil Spector produced Ramones, only without the loud, aggressive parts.

Like their previous album 2011's Glazin', the new album skirts the edges of Bay City Rollers era bubble gum pop without getting too sweet or sticky. They've maintained the sound that made them the darlings of Miami and at the same time allowed them to find media attention outside the local bubble, including publicity from MTV News, Spin Magazine and a soundtrack appearance in the Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie 50/50. Fans of Glazin' should be licking their chops at hearing the new songs as they follow the same rules.

Opener "Be My Prism" starts the album with a heavy drum beat, but slows down to an easy pace with shared harmonies. "Heavy Horse" is a sleepy lullaby for a lazy day. Only "Domino Moon," "Rubble," and "Guillotine" hint at The Jacuzzi Boy's raucous live performances, but do so in an entirely laid-back fashion. The trio are smart to stay relaxed as they're set to embark on a hectic nationwide Autumn tour on which they'll share bills with Wavves and King Tuff. But first comes Saturday night's show. Now start listening now. You want friends to wonder how the hell you already knew that tune. You've still got one day left.