On the List - Dieselboy, Holy Ghost!, Switch and Black Sunday

onthelist.gifThey say distance makes the heart grown fonder, but we sort of dropped the ball with On the List; its being almost three weeks since our last compilation. Don't fret children, we're back! And we promise we will never leave you -- er, again.

We aren't sure how many of you actually want to go out this week, because we ourselves are still recovering from the Baselmania of last week. No more Grolsch, please! We're sticking to our fav from now on -- vodka and tonic with a twist of lime. Free drinks for everybody, because here is what you're going to want to do this weekend:

Is it WMC yet? Nope, but Dieselboy is in town anyway, stopping by Laundry Bar 305 Music Lounge Black Sheep Bar tonight for a drum-and-bass of a good time. While some of us consider the D 'n' B genre to be a little passé, we definitely have respect for the Florida-born DJ. Also on the bill are Danny Bled, Juan Basshead, George Young, Narcotica and Mad MC.

Hold on and hold tight because Holy Ghost! will be The Vagabond on Saturday for its Back Door Bamby party. The Brooklyn duo has gain a bit of exposure after releasing the indie-dance track "Hold On," which has been a staple at the downtown clubs for a while now. So it should be hitting the beach in, oh, 2.5 years perhaps.

Did you read our MSTRKRFT review? If you did, then you'll know Heathrow Lounge is booking some un-fucking-believable acts lately. This weekend is no different, as DJ/ producer Switch (M.I.A., Santogold) takes over the decks at the venue Saturday. Be ready to give your ass a workout.

Finally, kick back and relax Sunday at Bella Rose, which seemed to be a celeb hotspot during Art Basel -- who knew! Alexis Mincolla and the cool kids take over the bar for Black Sunday. Damaged Goods will provide the music you are going to want to get drunk to.

-- Jose D. Duran