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Chronic Cover Songs for 420: The Shakers Do Up Murphy's Law's "Quest for Herb"

Editor's note: If you grew up in South Florida, you've lived a delightfully half-baked existence. You've definitely smoked the stickiest crippy and the worst Jamaican schwag. County Grind got all  stoned and thought, why not ask these toasty South Florida musicians to give us a taste of their favorite pot-inspired songs in preparation for 420? This Chronic Cover series introduces you to both songs about weed and local talents. For the full list, click here

Members of the Shakers are no newbies to making music around these parts. All have been in other bands over the years, too many for even them to name. The Shakers have existed since 1994 in one form or another and with the current lineup for the past four. This fine group of men includes Pat Stahl, Jon Stahl, Chris "Spikey" Goldbach, and Joe "Jit" Marino.
These Pompano Beach dudes have already released four EPs and two LPs and are working on more audio that you can purchase and enjoy at your leisure. Their punk/hardcore act has opened for Less Than Jake, Guttermouth, and Agent Orange, among others. 

Here, you'll find a solid cover of Murphy's Law's "Quest for Herb." It's a condition we've all been stuck in. Running missions for some green. Certainly, this isn't your typical stoner song, but maybe if ya smoke a doobie after a few drinks, the desire for this hardcore gem will grow inside you, you'll lean over your vaporizer and press play. 

Catch them at the Poorhouse, 110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale, on Friday, April 20, of course, with Out of Sorts and Here's to Nathan at 11 p.m. No cover, and it's 21 and over. You can buy their album Crabby Road at Radio-Active Records on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 21. 

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