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Kate Pierson, the B-52's Redheaded Siren, Talks Top Chef, Cyndi Lauper, and Vinyl

Kate Pierson was on her second cup of coffee in her Woodstock, New York, home when we called her to chat. The redheaded singer of the B-52's is way more than a big voice, bouffant, and bellbottoms, she also owns, runs, and decorates two hotels with her partner Monica. Lazy Meadow is located in upstate New York, and their newest venture is an Airstream oasis in Landers, California, Kate's Lazy Desert near Joshua Tree, the Andromeda Astrological Society, and the Integratron

Pierson spends time off the road enjoying fruit from her garden, appearing on Top Chef, preparing for a solo album, and postulating the future of digital music. She'll be recreating the atmosphere of the legendary "Love Shack" and feeding us audio "Rock Lobster" this Wednesday night in Hollywood at the Hard Rock Live with the rest of the B-52's. 

New Times: You were on Top Chef recently...

Kate Pierson: Oh yeah, Fred (Schneider) and I were on Top Chef Masters on Bravo.

What was it like being on a food show like that? Was it intense? 

It was really fun. My partner Monica religiously watches certain food shows and cooking shows, and I'm kind of into it. It was different. Those kind of shows are really fun to be on. It's not scripted or anything. The only thing is when they taped it maybe a year ago, they said we couldn't say anything about it because it's always very secretive. We were going to be surprise guests. I almost forgot it was on. 

So many people have seen it and commented on it and really loved it. I can't believe so many people have seen these shows! There are so many shows on TV, how could so many people have seen that. 

It's such a popular program. You got to eat the food? They said you're a vegetarian.

I'm not really, but it says I'm a vegetarian. I used to be a vegetarian, now I'm a pesca... I don't know, I eat fish and some chicken. Whatever they call that. On the road, it just got too hard. 

You were also on my favorite channel HGTV on A Gardner's Diary.

That was a really long time ago. My garden up here in Woodstock, New York, that my friend Dean Riddle was the master gardner at. Now we do our own big garden. We have our own vegetable garden. I'm eating a peach now right from our fruit tree. 

Do you live at Lazy Meadow (her bed and breakfast in the Catskills) or near there? 

Lazy Meadow is down the road. And we recently opened up Kate's Lazy Desert in Landers, near Joshua Tree. It's an Airstream hotel.