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On the List - Apt, Dirty Bird Wedding, Danny Daze and Victor Calderone


ZOMG!!! Have you heard the news? Karu & Y and Bricks are being resurrected!

Sorry, I got needlessly excited. The real question is why? They stood for everything that was so very wrong with Miami's nightlife scene, and worse of all, they were so boring. Those are places I consider better off dead. Now, if someone told me they were bringing back Studio A -- and actually doing it right this time, with a proper marketing and promotion -- I'd be eternally grateful.

But until that day happens, I'm going to have to settle for what's being offered this weekend:

Tonight, it boils down to two options: Guilty Pleasures at Aero Bar (247 23rd Street, Miami Beach) or Money Shot at The Vagabond (30 NE 14th Street, Miami) -- fail-safe nights that are guaranteed to start off your weekend right. Ross One, as always, will be on the decks in the main lounge at Aero Bar, while Money Shot starts its Subway Series with New York DJs Morsy and Cobra Krames.

Want to try something sort-of new? Tonight, White Room (1306 N Miami Avenue, Miami) hosts Apt, Ray Milian's weekly Thursday night party. The night finally moves off South Beach to Downtown where it seems better suited.

Saturday, there are plenty of options guaranteed to keep you out until sunrise. San Francisco label Dirty Bird Records hosts a Dirty Bird Wedding at Shine at the Shelborne (1801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach). Brothers Justin and Christian Martin will be spinning at Shine along with local DJ Sebastian.

Victor Calderone usually sticks to spinning at gay circuit parties, so much so that someone over at Talk Nightlife says his appearance at Space (34 NE 11th Street, Miami) has the potential to be a "man-jam." While I think the boys will be out in full force, there straight-to-gay ratio will probably favor lovers of the opposite sex. And seeing Calderone do his thing is probably worth it to plenty of house-heads out there even if he spins to a crowd of sweaty shirtless men.

Finally, one of my favorite DJs -- well, probably my favorite now since Matt Cash fled the Magic City for a bite of the Big Apple -- Danny Daze finally spins at my favorite party. Yes, Daze hits the decks at Poplife this weekend along with Blu Jemz. It wasn't long ago that Daze was spinning at places like O Asian and Vice, but he's always been too forward thinking and risky for the South Beach set. So expect to hear a Daze like no other when he spins in the Downtown venue, where crowds are definitely more receptive to new sounds.

-- Jose D. Duran