Skrillex Goes Up in Flames Trying to Blow Out Birthday Candles

Is there anything better than a world-famous MP3-jockey catching on fire in the midst of trying to celebrate the fact that he's alive in the first place?

We'll answer that one for you: No. There is absolutely nothing better.

Which is why County Grind is bringing you that much closer to ejaculating "TGIF!" after lighting your own ass ablaze, moments before heaving yourself out of the window nearest to your eternally damned cubicle.

After the cut: A video of Skrillex going up in flames trying to blow out birthday candles.

Skrillex Sets Hair on Fire In Birthday Candle Disaster

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Now, you tell us. What's the best part?

Is it the children? Or maybe the countless smart phones extended toward the sky like prayers to Yahweh? No, wait, it's Skrillex's own smartphone. Or is it the cell phone's Skrillex, if ya know what we mean.

All crap cut and tossed aside, the best part is his luscious, asymmetrical mane getting a taste of the same kind of rapturous hellfire that will likely consume Skrillex for all eternity after he loosens his Cheetos-frosted grip on life and is brought to eschatological justice for his crimes against humanity and proliferation of Transformers-core brah-step.

And what's up with the excessively poor fire-safety etiquette? "Stop, drop, and roll" isn't about a giant robot, massive-wobble wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-womp bass breakdown, bro.

It's time Skrillex and his international network of post-nü-metal gollums set a good example for the youf of today. Because children are the fucking future.