Pocket of Lollipops Goes Mailboxing in "Cute Chaos" Video

Husband-and-wife wonder twins Pocket of Lollipops' wonderful new video, "Cute Chaos," leans more on the cute than the chaos. Yeah, mailboxing, fire-shit stomping, and loitering are badass ways to spend the day; but that's more like delinquency. The song is tense as hell, the muted bass sounds like rubber bands that are about to snap, and the drum beat feels like the uphill climb on the Doppel Looping Star -- neé Double Looper.

The beautifully shot video opens up with drummer, husband, and perpetual teenager Tony Kapel setting up his drum kit and amassing weapons of suburban warfare -- y'know, baseball bats, Tootsie Roll Pops, and dog poo. Shortly after, barefoot singer, bassist, and wife Maitejosune Urrechaga stumbles through a patchwork of pedals and wires; she begins talking to us and Kapel in the whisperiest voice since Kim Gordon on the Sonic Youth eulogy "Tunic."

The video plays like a very special episode of Pete and Pete about the horrors of mailboxing. Their first victim -- played by the funniest thing out of South Florida since ¿Que Pasa USA? Freddy Stebbins -- falls for the old "flaming bag of dog poo" trick. We tracked down Stebbins and asked him about the video shoot.

About finding his inner jerky dad, Stebbins says, "My buddy [video director] Alex Alvarez asked me if I'd portray a grumpy, older, angry neighbor who hates the neighborhood teens down the street. Alex told me to make sure that I 'hated these punks!'"

Enough talk. More rock! Watch the fancy video.

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