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Song Spotlight: LMS "On The Run"

Hialeah's LMS is one of Miami's most outspoken rappers. He's been active in Miami's hip-hop scene for a while now. From entering freestyle battles, to hosting and throwing events; LMS has worked through many years of paying his dues. This past December he released a street album/mixtape on New Era Recordings called The Last Shall Be First (which is now available on iTunes). The release was brought forth with freestyles, old tracks, and tons of original material. It was a genuine hip-hop release that was genuinely "Made in Dade".

Never one to bite his tongue for anybody, LMS is an artist engulfed in confidence and with the willingness to talk about the world in a way that many rappers avoid doing. Well versed in the current nature of our politically driven world, LMS takes his charge on a song called "On The Run".

The song is produced by Miramar's Hazardis Soundz and features a eerily sped-up vocal sample with an equally eerie piano sample. LMS bounces around an array of topics while maintaining his trademark authoritative flow. Questioning our actions and non-actions as humans, it can be assumed that the moral of the story on this track is that we're all "on the run" from what really matters in life to progress and better ourselves. Here's a small selection of some of the lyrics: 

In their own words, not in their words, but in their actions
Can you see people that bomb us with  all of these mass distractions
Like, celebrity marriages turning to divorces
Never mind how many soldiers that be coming back as corpses
I couldn't point you out Iraq on a map
But I bet a stack I know what celebrity's smokin' on crack

While this shouldn't be a complete representation of LMS as an artist. Its still pretty amazing to see an artist take the road less taken and not do and/or talk about what everyone else is talking about. LMS is on track and on the run from the norm. Download the song below.

MP3: LMS - "On The Run"