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La Lupe A One Woman Show Opens on Miami Beach

Guadalupe Victoria Yolí Raymond, better known as La Lupe, is perhaps one of the most iconic figures in Cuban music.  She was a singer of boleros and guarachas and known the world over as the Queen of Latin Soul.  Her command of the stage was renowned and her emotional range storied.  When performing she was, simply put, a force of nature, matching the fevered frenzy of her voice with her actions, beating at her breast, tearing off her clothes and caressing her own face all in spirit of interpretation.  As if it were necessary to beleaguer the point, Picasso declared her a musical genius after catching one of her shows and Hemingway dubbed her "creator of the art of Frenzy."

 It's fitting that La Lupe A One Woman Show is now in production, though the woman in question will be hard pressed to do La Lupe justice.  Actress Lauren Velez takes on the challenge.  Known for her work on such shows as Dexter, Ugly Betty, New York Undercover and Oz, the Brooklyn-born thespian will take the stage for one night in Miami Beach as the indomitable power that was La Lupe.

La Lupe a One Woman Show opens on Wednesday, April 15th at 7:30pm for one night only at the Colony Theater (1040 Lincoln RD, Miami Beach).  Tickets run $35.