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Compa Is the Next U.K. Bass DJ to Invade Too//Future: "Make Sure the Sound System Is On Point"

Where's the best place to hear world-class bass music in South Florida? Would you believe it's Fat Cat's in downtown Fort Lauderdale? You would if you've ever been to Too//Future Mondays, the monthly party that packs more talented U.K. DJs into its beer-soaked walls than a Miami megaclub.

No bullshit, if you're looking for foundational dubstep, old-school drum 'n' bass, or just something deep, dark, and minimal, Too//Future is the only serious option. It's brought Younsta, J:Kenzo, Author, V.I.V.E.K., and more to the Fat Cat's humble stage, and now, it's pumped to bring Manchester's Compa for some atmospheric, ambient bass that's as beautiful as it is heavy.

"All I know is that the feedback from every single DJ I've heard talk about Too Future and Fort Lauderdale has been 100 percent positive, all good things to say about the club, the people, the sound system," Compa says. "[It] makes me very excited to visit and experience the warmth and the positivity of the place myself."

Compa works closely with a lot of the DJs who have graced T//F in the past. He's one of the hottest names coming up, recently featured in Mix Mag, FACT, and Boiler Room. He separates himself from the pack with a strong artistic voice that's deliciously laid-back but still big, booming, and complex. Sometimes, it feels like music for meditation or maybe for deep-space exploration, but it's still got enough kick to make you do the lean back.

"I know that sounds cliché, but my music is me. It's a representation of what's inside me," Compa says. "I try to keep to a studio schedule, because I'm quite an organized person. I normally work on music for around an eight- to ten-hour session per day through the week when I'm at home here in Manchester. I don't write music when I'm traveling on tour like a few artists do. I try to take in the sights and sounds and experiences and bring these home with me to hopefully inspire me to write more music."

Compa played a few U.S. gigs in New York and Denver, but this will be his first time playing anywhere near our area. He's about to release new material on his label WX/WL, but for now, he's focusing on the task at hand: turning Fat Cat's into a real grimey U.K. dance hall.

"I've got so much new music by me, my friends, labelmates and some amazing producers that I just love playing, really," he says. "I'm thankful I have the opportunity to come and share it with you. Make sure the sound system is on point, the club is full of receptive and open-minded people, and also make sure you have some Brooklyn Lager for me. I live off that stuff."

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