Machine Gun Kelly Brings Nirvana, Porn Talk, and Mosh Pits to Revolution in Fort Lauderdale

Machine Gun Kelly
Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale
January 26, 2012

Better Than:
Staying in to watch another reality show.

Cobain's back! Cobain's back! Well, not really, but anyone could have been fooled when the crowd was shouting, "MGK!" started to amp up when the DJ dropped the intro for "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Then, from out of back, the slim, tatted up Cleveland native Machine Gun Kelly rushed out to welcome the audience by stage diving.

Once lifted back to stage, MGK kept his energy going and started off

with the Daft Punk and Pimp C voice sampled "LTFU (One More Time)."


and masturbation became the first of few topics MGK would bring up in

between songs. Giving a shout out to the porn company Brazzers, MGK

admitted to masturbating to their videos since the age of 13 without


With MGK known for bringing a punk rock-like attitude to shows, why would this one be any different? Within 15 minutes, MGK told the crowd he wanted to see them mosh pit during

the song, "Welcome To The Rage," and within seconds a gaping hole in

the middle of the audience floor filled with bodies bouncing off one


MGK's ability to shoot out rhymes at a

rapid-fire speed with ease is impressive,

to say the least, especially live. While performing this style for "Salute," the rapper continued to rhyme as the beat

transitioned to the Bone Thug-N-Harmony's "Thug Luv" instrumental a

third of the way through, an ode to the fellow Clevelanders.

You cannot

be a true rock star without bringing up more sex. Taking a timeout to

scan the women in the room, MGK asked the ladies if he already had sex

with any of them, and to no one's surprise there were a couple of women

that yelled, "Me!" This lead to the rapper talking about the grooming of

his testicles, or lack of, due to his "gay RV." He said that any woman he'll be

sleeping with would be taken to his less than stellar hotel room.


continued to show his humorous side as he mooned the crowd in the

middle of his performance of "STFU" and putting a halt to the show when

he requested a female audience member to flash him. After waiting

patiently for a couple minutes, MGK got what he asked for. A couple more female audience members got up the courage to do the

same. It was all in good fun. One classy lady even brought out the bra-throwing cliché.

Bouncing around the stage with a black bra on his

head and shirtless, it only seemed perfect to inject "Half Naked and

Almost Famous" into the show and ending the song by cooling off the

audience with a bucket of ice and water. But why stop at being shirtless?

The rapper started to take his pants off, which left him in only underwear and

Converse while reciting the words to Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?"


a rapper cannot continue the show without any pants on, can he? Looking

towards the audience for help, the rapper requested for any female to

take off hers and give them to him to wear to prove she was the craziest

girl in the audience.

"Give me some fucking pants," shouted MGK.


rapper put a halt to the show until he got what he wanted. To show how much they love the rapper, MGK was able to get three

female volunteers to give theirs up and stand on stage with him without

pants. If you feel you missed out, don't worry. It wasn't pretty.

All that talk about crazy and wild girls

started to draw the night to an end as MGK performed his latest single

"Wild Boy" while climbing up to the edge of the second floor and holding

on to the railing, then forming another mosh pit to jump into himself

while Avenge Sevenfold's "Unholy Confessions" played in the background

to wrap up the night.

Oh, a warning to any smokers thinking of

attending a future MGK concert, here or another city, you will be called

out by MGK for not having your marijuana rolled up neatly.

Critic's Notebook
The Crowd:
Guys with long hair really don't care.

Personal Bias: Could've performed songs longer, but more importantly, should've created more mosh pits.

Wish List:
A performance of "Midwest Side."

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