Curren$y - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - February 22

By Adam Katzman

Curren$y isn't doing bad these days, selling out 30 dollar shows in Ft. Lauderdale with his #jetlife relatively unaffected by the recession or poor record sales. 

His output in 2012 would be "banner" for most other artists, but was just another solid bit of prolific efficiency from the stoner auteur. Still, it's easy to mistake his post-Pilot Talk career for coasting. 

Much like his raps, half-slurred under a smoke cloud in a way that hides labyrinths of intricately layered rhyme schemes, his output is equally subtle in its variations. So much so that he's been accused of making the same album over and over again, which is absurd. His four releases last year mildly accentuated the lavish minimalism of his blunted persona, in particular the free ones.