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Bonnie Riot Makes Official Comeback Tonight at Propaganda

West Palm Beach act Bonnie Riot started some eight years ago, but it was really in the past handful of those that they became a staple on the local circuit. 

Their female-fronted, punchy material straddled the lines between punk, power-pop, and dance-rock, full of high-octane choruses and crunchy chords. But early this year, things started to look bleak for the band's future. 

Two then-bandmates wanted to focus on another project, Leading the Heroes, and Bonnie Riot's then-drummer also dropped out. But founding members Milly La Madrid and Luis Sanabria felt driven to press onward.

"Luis and I still believed in Bonnie Riot, to keep our songs alive and our passion for the music," La Madrid recalls. "So, we focused on finding new members that had the dedication and chemistry we do."

Finding the right mix took some nine months, but it all came together with new additions Jasmine Sylvia on lead guitar, Pablo Montalvo on bass, and Kyle Thayer on drums. Thankfully, though, replacing three-fifths of the band didn't mean ditching Bonnie Riot's best songs. Old fan favorites like the pogo-worthy drum-fueled "Halo" will remain in rotation for the long haul.

You can hear them tonight, when Bonnie Riot plays its official comeback show at Propaganda, on a female-friendly bill featuring other area favorites Darling Sweets, Radioboxer, and Steph Taylor. (Minor detail: Though Kyle Thayer will join Bonnie Riot permanently as drummer, he's traveling, so Vicky Orozco will handle his duties for the night.)

But expect at least one new song, plus a new flurry of songwriting activity to go with the band's renewed vigor. "We are working on writing every day," says La Madrid. "We are aiming for a sound that is more raw, but still danceable, and with more percussion."

Bonnie Riot, with the Darling Sweets, Radioboxer, and Steph Taylor. 8 p.m. Friday, August 24 at Propaganda, 6 S. J. St., Lake Worth. Admission is $5; age 18 and up. Call 561-547-7273, or visit