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Butt Hole Tattoo Girl Named Number One Most Insane Thing to Happen in Florida, 2012

Florida has rightfully earned the honor of being called the weirdest state. And 2012 has provided some of the stranger news stories this planet has ever read. Florida in 2012? Insanity! This state, this year, has produced a plethora of bizarre and horrifying tales that'll keep anyone with common sense north of Jacksonville and west of Pensacola, leaving us with perverts, crazies, and the most courageous, cool wackos in the world!  

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This year though, New Times Broward Palm Beach was a part of the Florida madness in a totally new and unexpected way. We documented a girl getting her asshole tattooed, and we were named number one for it.

That video went viral, sure, and was featured multiple times on national television. But the greatest honor we've received so far was being named BuzzFeed's number on most insane thing to happen in this insane state, during this creepy year

People, we beat out the Miami zombie! A man who ate another man's face off in broad daylight, and we and Maria's butt won! God bless America! 

There are no words to express how grateful we are to BuzzFeed for naming us number one. But we can say one thing: Thank you. And thank you to Maria, for being as adventurous as she is and so enthusiastic about being poked by needles in the bottom. 

And once again, we present Maria, the butt hole tattoo girl: