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Five Unforgettable Moments From Cirque Dreams: "Pop Goes Rock"

Glitzed up with sequins, vividly colored costumes, lasers, and psychedelic stage sets, Cirque Dreams: "Pop Goes Rock" packed an endless amount of breathtaking tricks and antics into a 90-minute rock show. Set to the sounds musicians like Sugarhill Gang, Britney Spears, and Madonna, Hard Rock Live was transformed into a carnivalesque showcase of talent.

From roller-skating daredevils to aerialists and a slew of balancing acts, each performance got more exciting than the last. To avoid spoiling too much for future audiences, we've compiled a list of the five unforgettable moments from last night's show.

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5. "The Heat Is On"
Who knew roller skating could be so death-defying, leaving you speechless? Performers Flash and Genny spun around on a tiny platform all while wearing a pair of skates. The holy-shit moment was definitely when the only thing holding them together was a contraption wrapped around their necks. 

4. "Apologize"
The body-balancing duo of Rousty and Crooked had the audience on the edge of its seats. The extremely chiseled pair -- dressed in skin-tight body suits -- used one another's bodies as balancing beams. Alternating among the neck, head, and hands, it's safe to say these men have unbelievable trust in their talents.

3. "I Want Candy"
For what seemed to be an extended amount of time -- not in a bad way at all -- the "Jack in the Box" character bounced, twirled, and twisted on the feet of one of the performers. This was definitely one of the more "ooh and awe" points of the evening, as the audience waited to see how many airborne twirls the child could do.

2. "Jump for My Love"
What kind of circus would it be without a tightrope, unicycle, and juggler? However, all together in one act certainly captured the crowd's attention. And who doesn't love a little Pointer Sisters?

1. "She Bangs"

I wonder if Ricky Martin knew that when he wrote the song "She Bangs," it'd be used as the soundtrack for a woman twirling in the air on a set of aerial chains.

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