Richard Marx Plans to "Get Everybody Riled Up" at Parker Playhouse This Friday

From his humble beginnings performing backup vocals for Lionel Richie's debut solo album to becoming an '80s pop icon in his own right, Richard Marx has continued to evolve as an artist and musician.

While his name and songs might not arise with the frequency that they once did, Marx has maintained a busy schedule as a writer and producer with a résumé he himself refers to as "schizophrenic" due to the variety of musicians he's worked with, including Luther Vandross, 'NSync, LeAnn Rimes, Natalie Cole, and Barbra Streisand.

His latest album of original material, Beautiful Goodbye, his first in ten years, hit stores this past July and reached number 39 in the Billboard 200. Marx has credited his success and longevity to releasing himself from the "image, fan base, or even album sale" motivations. This has allowed him to pursue music through different genres and have a good time doing it.

On the brink of his new tour, Whatever We Started, Marx admitted he is still playing up sexiness and seduction in his show.

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