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Weird Wives is 3/5 of Surfer Blood, But Exponentially Noisier

Photo courtesy of Turbo Fruits
Weird Wives: not for the feeble of heart or mind
​What a wonderful morning to listen to the blistering thrash punk of Weird Wives. As confirmed by the Turbo Fruits, this West Palm Beach quartet has some familiar faces and an unmistakable afro in the mix.
Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete, bassist Brian Black, drummer/percussionist Marcos Marchesani, and a really fierce frontman make up the group. Whenever Surfer Blood isn't out on the road, these scuzz-lovers are probably pounding through some skulls with some Big Black-style bedlam. Marchesani's brother (we assume) Lucas has been posting lo-fi clips of the band ripping it up recently, and we're particularly taken with a "new song" found after the jump.

Fekete shows off some pretty bitchin' tattoos that he usually has

covered up during Surfer Blood shows. The Turbo Fruits also say that Weird Wives recently recorded two songs in San Francisco that will likely end up on a 7-inch split.