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Why Lindsay Lohan Should Record in Prison

Tuesday marks what could be the best thing for Lindsay Lohan's recording career. For better or for worse, hip-hop culture is overly linked to the idea of "authenticity" (especially in the case of 50 Cent). As Lohan begins a 90-day prison sentence today -- which likely will amount to about 23 days behind bars -- for violating her probation, Complex magazine has her on the cover and proclaims that she's got enough attitude, insanity, and life experience to be "Weezy, Yeezy, and motherfucking Jeezy all in one."

In its pages, Complex got Lohan appropriately edgy and seductive with the KAWS cartoon arms all over her, and throughout her modeling career, she has never been boring (even when she got naked for New York Magazine a couple of years ago). Still, the editorial staff could have compared Lil Kim, Trina, and Katy Perry -- although "Bossy" probably warrants Ashlee Simpson, Ke$ha, and JoJo linkages -- but they didn't. What a time to capitalize.

So if Lindsay Lohan truly has a bit of Weezy in her -- musically, people -- will she be smuggling in an iPod with beats on it? It's not that much a stretch to think that fellow-actor-turned-musician/Complex cover model Drake might visit her, as he did for Lil Wayne, and give her the motivation to carry on artistically. The former Freaky Friday star was already making hip-hop inroads a couple of years ago

with an appearance in N.E.R.D.'s "Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing

in the Line for the Bathroom)," but it has been five years since her last album, A Little More Personal (Raw). Lohan wasn't even old enough to drink (legally) back then!

Now, with the news that Lil Wayne is set to release an EP called I'm Not a Human Being on September 27, several months before his scheduled release, Lohan should follow suit and get some new music out there perhaps a week before she's uncaged. Hey, his title's a good place to start.