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Richie Rich, Lapdances and Naked Men at Bardot's Grand Opening

Photo by Logan Fazio
Richie Rich at Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach.
​It's nice to finally see Wynwood waking up in the nightlife department. With a plethora of commercial space available for rent, we can't understand why businesses don't see the area's potential as a nightlife/entertainment district. Imagine having gallery walk not once a month but every night of the week, and then going to your favorite watering hole for late-night debauchery. True, the recession has put a snag on any commercial development in the near future, but we can dream, can't we?

Still, last night's opening of Bardot seemed monumental. The only other true bars in Wynwood are Electric Pickle and Midtown Sports Bar. And while the name may sound elitist and pretentious, Bardot is actually pretty darn welcoming to everybody.

"If Pawn Shop and Love Hate had a baby, this would be it," chirped one patron. We could see why she would think that, but Pawn Shop had a strict velvet rope and Love Hate seems inauthentic in its quest to be cool. This place is neither of those things. People were only held at the door when the place reached capacity (which happened around midnight). And the bar doesn't try to be cool, it just sort of is.

Club-kid-turned-fashion-designer Richie Rich made an appearance, sans

Pamela Anderson, who was back in LA to be with her kids. The surprise

of the night came when Rich performed his song "Celebutante,"

which probably isn't going to win a Grammy. Still, our escorts kept

quoting the line "I like bubbles" all night long so it was somewhat infectious.

Later, Rich gave away a getaway to LA to hang out him and Pam to a

luckily patron. Catch? It was a lapdance competition. Despite one

contestant ending up completely naked, the audience seemed impatient, just wanting to drink and dance.

We ended up leaving around 12:30 to Rokbar, which debuted a new stage

setup, but our sources said the party went on until 3 a.m. -- not too

bad for a Thursday night.

Bardot is at N Miami Avenue & NW 34th Terrace, entrance is around the back. For more information, visit