Talking Shit

Guess Where I'm Peeing: Featuring Elvis and Snoop

Guess Where I'm Peeing is toilet humor, plain and simple, set in the scenic restrooms of South Florida. We post 'em, you name 'em.

In previous editions of GWIP, we've given you Irish Eyes, a beautiful beach scene, and a large vagina. This time is truly special, though: We have guest appearances from two icons of American music... in the painted-on-tile-in-a-bathroom form.

This Palm Beach County establishment has a relaxed feel, good brew, and

fine taste in music. And those tastes are on full display on the walls

of the water closets. Some of the most important album covers are

re-created with acrylic paint on tiny bathroom tiles right next to the

urinals. (Though arguably, this is not Snoop's best or most important.)

Can you name this bathroom?

Also: If you guessed "Treasure Trove" for our last GWIP, you really know your pee places.