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Sumsun Remixes Guy Harvey's "Closest Thing" and Releases Samo Milagro

To be clear, this post is equally about the song above and what's finally going on today. Vote Sumsun at your favorite digital retailer!

After so many months of obsessing over Sumsun's upcoming -- or "impending," given the reverberating prettiness of this guy's early tracks -- album, Samo Milagro, you are now able to purchase it yourself. Remember, we've posted many a track by the man, told you when he announced the album and let him talk about it in as much detail as he could. You can download it digitally through iTunes ($9.90) or Boomkat or get it on cassette (plus a download code) through Leaving Records ($8 -- limited to 200 copies).

To accompany your sigh of relief, we're providing a link to his latest

remix. This time, it's local buddies Guy Harvey's song "Closest Thing."

Once a melancholy track suitable to showcase the band's jangly pop at

its catchiest and most heartachey, the overall sadness of the song has

become starry-eyed and pulsating. Remember what Sumsun did with Young

Jeezy's "And Then What?" -- sprinkled space dust all over it and made a banger a lot more of a banger? It's kind of like that, but you might cry more.

Listen and download.