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Inside the Rapper's Studio: Rahsaan


You've probably seen Brooklyn-bred MC Rahsaan on Crossfade before (and here), and with regular shows and a loyal following from his adopted home of Miramar to the BK, why wouldn't he be? As of today, Rahsaan is adding another element to his game - business owner. Today is the grand opening of Stock X Change, an upscale sneaker boutique located in downtown Hollywood which will feature exclusive kicks for men and women, and if we know Rahsaan - will always have a dope soundtrack for you to shop to. He introduced us to his passion for footwear in his song "Sneaker Store Terrorist" and now he's creating a place to mobilize current and future terrorists and supply them with gear. Since sneakers are such an integral part of Hip Hop style, Crossfade sat down with Rahs and asked him some familiar q's in honor of his grand opening.

What is your favorite word to use in a rhyme?

My favorite word to use in rhymes is definitely "Yo!" I mean, that's how we all started our rhymes as kids. Then you even had "YO! MTV Raps.

What is your least favorite word or one you refuse to rap?

"Swag." That shit has gotten so overused and misused, it feels like someone scratching a chalkboard every time I hear someone use it; especially if they don't have any.

What kind of music turns you on?

Music per se doesn't turn me on, but when I see a beautiful female dancing hard to some classic hip-hop shit, that's a turn on. Like seeing a chick mouthing the lyrics to Nas' One Love or something like that.

What kind of music turns you off?

Hate Music!

What sound do you love?

I love the sound of my daughter trying to talk. She's only 8 months and already starting the chitter chatter.

What sound do you hate?

I hate the sound of arguing voices.

What is your favorite curse word to use in a rhyme?

Shit. It just has this universal usage that works in so many areas of rhyming.

Which other rappers' flow would you want to have?

I don't want any other rappers flow. Mine is Perfect!

Whose flow would you never want to emulate?

Silkk the Shocker. Could you even call that a flow?

If a Worldwide Lifetime Achievement Award exists for MC's, what would you like to hear the presenter say when he's extolling your musical virtues?

"Here's the epitome of what an MC was and will be. He possesses all each aspect, flow, content, stage presence, marketability, and so on without trading his soul for success. Not to mention his business savvy. He owns a sneaker boutique that's pretty fuckin dope. It's called Stock X Change in Hollywood ;-)

Hear more from Rahsaan at and visit the Stock X Change at or 1896 Radius Dr., Hollywood, FL.