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Local Motion: Lil Daggers - King Corpse 7"

Lil Daggers
King Corpse 7"
(Livid Records)

King corpse? Exquisite corpse? Rotting corpse? It don't matter... how much damage can a Lil Dagger cause? Leave it to the forensic guys, but on a more rock and roll tip, this blunt blade of fuzzy guitar cuts deep. These guys embody everything that is bad and cheesy in Telemundo's late night commercials with the bad salsa and low-cleavage tits blended through a cafe con leche food processor of American garage rock know-how. Lil effing Daggers!

Does it tear down walls? Oh God no, but it rattles them in a good way. These four tracks, committed to the most bizarre colorization of vinyl I've been privy to as of late (is it orange, red, maroon?) are serious acid-psych washers of pure green door envy. These guys know how to work with each other and that makes this little EP that much sweeter.

The title track is lofty and full of energy with solid guitars and keys swimming to the K-hole cadence of the rhythm section. Sweet stuff. "Never Going Hungry" and "Devil You May Know" are the kind of swamp punk numbers you'd want your pregnant girl to put headphones over her belly so your child doesn't pop out with some nascent pussy-isms in tow.

Easy stand out and true "Latino" number here is "Ya Tu Sabes" ("You Already Know"), a deliberate and true to itself track with some nice drum work adding a little hot-blooded Hispanic flair into the already reverb-laden tin-alley keys that propel this one into that bizarre arena of region rock and long-forgotten luminaries like Hasil Adkins and Jack Starr.

I expect more from these drunken rawkers in the months to come.