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Take a Little HC/Thrash Break With Asshole Parade!

I'm happy to announce to our foreign readers that legendary hardcore/thrash/power-violence act Asshole Parade will be making it across the bigger pond and hitting Japan and Australia for some tour action next year as well as playing some West Coast dates. Well-known and respected outside of Florida, these moneymakers for Gainesville's No Idea Records are one of my favorite Florida bands of all time, and I'm reeling from the possibilities of acts that they'll link up with in Japan (Real Reggae, Gauze and Assfort would be a dream come true!), but I'll take solace in them sharing the tour with equally legendary Tokyo band Slight Slappers.

Our New York and Philadelphia readers might want to note that they'll be performing this month with Citizens Arrest on the 17th (at the Knitting Factory) and the 18th (at the Kung Fu Necktie), respectively. But enough gushing like a little fanboy; turn the speakers on as loud as they can go, and enjoy this 25-second ditty of raging hardcore! Your boss won't notice! Trust me!

MP3: Asshole Parade - "Soldiers IV"