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Ten Things You Should Probably Wear or Bring to a Jacuzzi Boys Show

Just this past Saturday night, we threw quite a nice gathering for music lovers, County Grind lovers, and just plain lovers. It was great fun, if we do say so ourselves The acts we chose to feature, Hollywood garage rockers the Gun Hoes, Miami's psych outfit Lil Daggers, and party heroes and local favorites the Jacuzzi Boys, all made County Grind Live a fantastic representation of this blog. Read the rundown, and check out pictures from the night

In between taking shots, moshing, and acting a fool, there was a little time to sit back and observe all of the things going on at the show and all of the people who'd come out. Now this certainly wasn't our first JB show, but there were some people there who hadn't seen them live before. This got us thinking, maybe JB virgins need some guidance on what to wear or bring to their shows. So, in the spirit of giving, here's a lil list of stuff to think about gettin' together before heading out again to see Gabriel, Diego, and Danny perform.

6. This Guy
Bring a bass drum with the neatest graphic on it possible. It's better if you're in an band that's performing, but even if you're not, just bring one. They're fun to look at. This was played on by Lil Daggers drummer Jose Pena. 

5. A Tambourine 
This instrument is currently as essential to any band as a mic. Not entirely sure why, but that's the situation. Try to look either totally over it while playing or too into it.  

4. A Pack of American Spirit Cigarettes
Because drinking makes you want to smoke, and you want to look as healthy and socially responsible a smoker possible. 

3. A Shirtless Drummer
Diego can't be the only drummer around who might take their top off. Luckily, at County Grind Live, the Gun Hoes' Anthony Hernandez took over shirts-off duties. 

2. Shoes with Flare
Now, the burgundy Docs were something we owned in middle school, and they remain the appropriate shoe wear to any show that gets as dirty and wet as a Jacuzzi Boys gig. This person brought their shoes to the next level, and why not? Maybe they don't like to wear necklaces or own a keychain. These shoes are the land of plenty. 

1. Shwag from Your Own Thang
County Grind shamelessly brought our marketing team (to whom you hopefully provided your personal information), so why shouldn't others do the same? Here's a Black Locust Society "HELLO my name is" sticker so you don't forget that there are other musical gatherings out there besides ours. But don't forget ours. 

Hope that was helpful! See you at the next Jacuzzi Boys show! 

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