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Ivano Bellini at Gryphon


Among all the music that resonates through the nighttime streets of Miami, little of it gets dubbed as “the sound of South Beach.” No we’re not talking about the vocal skills of the homeless people muttering to themselves, but rather the synthesized psychedelic noise candy that pumps through nightclub speakers and won’t let you sleep. One of the main culprits for providing this sound is DJ Ivano Bellini. As one of Miami’s legendary DJ’s, Ivano has revolutionized the house music scene since he moved down to South Beach in the early 90’s. He actually contributed to the fame of the original Club Space with his “Sunrise Sets” years ago. Since it reopened at its new venue, Ivano continues to provide entrancing music to all the house junkies on the terrace of the club. Tonight Gryphon nightclub will be hosting a special evening, dedicated to Ivano’s nomination for America’s Best DJ, through DJ Times Magazine. But, not only has the Swiss born superstar provided exemplary progressive house music throughout the U.S., he also frequents various locals in Europe, South America and Northern Africa. What's more is that Bellini is fluent in five different languages. How hot is that?! If you haven’t experienced the matchless tunes spun out by the master, you can check out some samples from his latest CD, The Gryphon Session, by going on his website, --Lucy Orozco