Punk and Psychobilly Explosion at the Monterey this Sunday

For a number of years I've been hearing the theory that rockabilly is the musical graveyard for people who grew up punk rock. Ever the tenacious and rebellious fringe genre that that entails, the creation of psychobilly in the late 70's showed the incredible foresight the framers of the punk rock had knowing where they would eventually end up. Me personally, though happily in the middle of the punk rock death (read: mid-thirties), I happen to like all three genres.

The swanky Monterey Club, rapidly becoming a nice hub of exciting musical possibilities will host yet another searing engagement of the aforementioned genres when they play host this coming Sunday to the energetic stylings of Between Enemies, Space Between Words and The Heisman Hopefuls!

I guess Creepers, ripped jeans and bolo ties will be a must for this affair... and I'll gleefully refrain from making pompadour comments here since I'm a dinosaur in this scene and I am happily bald. Check out a video of The Heisman Hopefuls after the jump.

Between Enemies with Space Between Words and The Heisman Hopefuls at 8 p.m. on Sunday, August 15th at The Monterey Club, 2608 South Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale. Call 954-598-1887 or visit