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Q&A: Guy Harvey's "The Rope" Video Director Carlos Charlie Perez

Not only does Carlos Charlie Perez make cool music videos, but he reps his old home, South Florida. Last week, some guerrilla reporting yielded details of Perez's filming of a music video for Lake Worth band Guy Harvey at Respectable Street last week. Speaking as an up-close observer, this is gonna keep Perez's streak alive.

After the jump, more photos from the video and a Q&A with Perez that explains his connection to the Guy Harvey guys, why Back to the Beach was the inspiration behind the shoot, and another musical film in the works.

New Times: Why did you decide to work together on this project?

Carlos Charlie Perez: I went to Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts with Adam and Devon from the band. After high school I moved to New York to study art. We always kept in touch. Whenever I would come down to visit we would throw music at each other. Especially Adam and Devon, they are constantly listening to whats new or popping. As soon as they told me about their new project Guy Harvey, I was like: "When are we going to make a music video?"

Why Back to the Beach as a theme? Is there a correlation with "The Rope" thematically?

I use to tap dance when I was younger, and I watched musicals growing up. Back to the Beach is a surf musical. So, in a way the movie is a perfect reference/aesthetic for the music video I wanted to make. Dancing, waves, and bathing suits! Also, I feel the band's name, Guy Harvey, like Back to the Beach, embodies this cheesy, fun, but rad name. Something playful with an edge.

What's your timeline for releasing the video?

I think we are waiting for the 7-inch to get mixed and then mastered. So I would say in a month or so you will have a very very fun video for one of the raddest bands in Florida.

What else are you working on these days?

Currently I am working on a script for a musical film. Its something I've been wanting to do for a while. Its a rift on Bonnie and Clyde. The movie takes place in South Florida. So anyone out there who has $$$, lets talk!