"Fuck Seinfeld" and Other Highlights of Marc Maron's Fort Lauderdale Improv Show

Over the weekend Marc Maron, veteran comic and host of the notorious WTF podcast, made his way down to the South Florida to provide us at the Fort Lauderdale Improv with plenty of belly clenching laughs. 

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The night's topics ranged from marriage to hotel life to airplane freakouts, all with a hint of self-deprecation sprinkled throughout. And despite Jerry Seinfeld performing next door at the Hard Rock Live, there was no shortage of comedy at the Improv.

5. Opener Mike Lawrence.
Although this comic is based in New York, he was actually raised in South Florida -- Davie to be exact. And boy did he spend a good portion of his set ripping on Davie, how weird Florida is, and didn't go without mentioning the Miami zombie. Lawrence's set perfectly danced on the line between awkward and uncomfortable, especially during the pedophilia portion of his set. Oh yeah, and he had a pretty intense beard.

4. Sitting next to Maron's mom.
Is there anything sweeter or cuter than seeing a proud mother watch her son perform? I doubt it. Throughout the set she had a big smile on her face, laughing at each and every joke, even the ones about masturbation. She seemed to especially enjoy the portions of his set that included bashing his ex-wives. However, the best moment was when he referenced her saying something along the lines of, "You're the reason I'm up here." which she got a kick out of it.

3. Marc Maron's cat inspired merch.
We love cats. You love cats. Marc Maron obviously loves cats, and his merch demonstrated that affection. We just couldn't resist picking up a bunch of stickers and buttons covered in kitties.

2. The rather lively crowd.
It wouldn't be a comedy show without a few overly excited folks in the room. A tipsy party of 20 had no issue with yelling out topics they wanted to hear Maron talk about. They even brought the show to a halt to let Maron know there were a couple of newlyweds in the party. There was also a weird heckler outburst at one point in which the security had to intervene. But, despite their constant interruptions, it didn't break Maron's stride as he just continued on with his conversational, story-telling.

1. "Fuck Seinfeld."

While he didn't mean it sincerely, but it was hilarious nonetheless. Especially because he made mention of his realization that by the end of the night it would be all over Twitter and the internet. And of course, someone in the crowd couldn't resist yelling out, "You're just jealous".