Train's Jimmy Stafford: "We're in a Place Where We Can Afford Risk"

Nowadays, bands that indulge in old-school, radio-ready pop seem to be something of a rarity. The music biz tends to embrace acts that are outrageous, ostentatious, and unusual. And because Train takes a traditional tack that dictates it provide a steady supply of chart-topping hits, it's managed to reach the highest rungs of stardom without resorting to hype or gimmickry. 

Still helmed by the original core trio -- singer Pat Monahan, guitarist Jimmy Stafford, and drummer Scott Underwood -- they began their trek to the top in San Francisco with a self-released debut album 15 years ago. Six albums on and the Train keeps on rolling with nonstop success with tunes like "Drops of Jupiter," "Calling All Angels," and "Drive By."

Fresh off its latest venture, the Sail Across the Sun music cruise that they curate, the band is making a rare return to South Florida for the second-annual Tortuga Festival on April 12.


New Times recently caught up with guitarist Stafford for a discussion of the Train template.