Andrea Bocelli is Droppin' Panties and Inducing Operatic Orgasms, February 8 at BB&T

Pop-opera (Pop-era? Sorry!) phenom, Andrea Bocelli, could easily gain the distinction of being named County Grind's #1 MVP on Planet Earth.

Well, not really, but you know, he's great. But in this particular instance the "P" stands for, you guessed it, panty dropper!

Yes. It's true. Andrea Bocelli has more hoes - in more area codes - than Ludacris, Hugh Hefner, and Bill Clinton combined, and multiplied by 69. At least that's what we think.

And the record-smashing crossover sensation is looking to add a few more 954s to his lil' black book.

Of course, the book is printed in Braille because Bocelli lost his sight

due to a football accident at the age of 12. But we dare you to find a

single instance in the history of bold declarations in which somebody

dared to utter the following phrase: "Pimpin' is easy." You can't.

'Cause it ain't.

There's also little doubt in our mind that his early

loss contributed, in no small way, to the vocalist's

seemingly-effortless ability to push his pipes so passionately that the

entire audience -- male, female, gay, straight, furries, and so on -- are

led to experience one giant communal operatic orgasm. Which brings us

back to the panty droppin'. The ladies love passion.

Andrea Bocelli. 8 p.m., February 8, at BB&T Center, One Panther Parkway, Sunrise. Tickets cost between $75 and $375 plus fees. Call 954-835-8000, or visit