Five Reasons Sleigh Bells' Solo South Florida Date Is Cool With Us

Sometimes shows just demand that Miami up-all-night-clubbing feel as opposed to the typical laid-back ambiance of Broward and the Palm Beach counties. And you know what? We're OK with that. We don't mind sharing the wealth a little. The latest installment of bands hitting the Magic City? Sleigh Bells at Grand Central on April 30.

Maybe we should be offended that Neon Indian and CSS have both decided not to join in on the fun when Sleigh Bells hits South Florida. But we're not. Hey, we have our reasons. Check 'em out after the jump.

Sleigh Bells has a Florida connection, and the other bands don't.
While we appreciate bands from exotic locales as much as the next guy, we don't really think that CSS being from another beachy backdrop will really add the oomph needed to top a stage performance by Sleigh Bells. Unless they plan on bringing chicks in Brazilian bikinis up on stage or something. We doubt that.

CSS is playing Miami way before this show date.
CSS is hitting Miami soil March 25-27 for Ultra Music Festival. Why would they play a venue like Grand Central with only hundreds if they could have thousands of fans screaming their names?

South Florida has enough trouble sleeping.
Have you seen Neon Indian's video for "Sleep Paralysist"? All those creepy monster toys can make anyone have nightmares. Even their video for "Mind, Drips" is kind of a little creepy. We have enough creepy, and we prefer "riot rhythms" and "inifinity guitars," anyway.

Sleigh Bells has a new remix out, and it may just be remixed live.
We all know how much Diplo loves South Florida. He comes here so much he could practically live here. So what's to say he won't do this remix of Sleigh Bells live as a surprise guest? Sleigh Bells - Tell Em (Diplo Rmx)

Beyoncé wants a piece of them too.

Yeah, we're not kidding. NME just reported that Sleigh Bells and Beyoncé have been in the studio recently recording some new material. Diplo says:

"Me and Switch [producer and other half of Major Lazer] were in the studio in NYC trying to make tracks with Derek [Miller, guitarist in Sleigh Bells] and Beyoncé last week after we played her team their album."
Will they be changing their indie appeal to adapt to Ms. Sasha Fierce's pop sound? Will she adapt to their uniquely amped-up guitar riffs? Just the thought of that transformation is enough of a reason for us.

Sleigh Bells, Saturday, April 30, at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave, Miami. Tickets TBA. For more info, visit  

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