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Bleubird on European Tour, What's Next, and New Single "Hello Hallow" with Astronautalis

To say that 2012 has been busy for hip hop wordsmith Bleubird is an understatement. In just under two months, Bleubird released his debut US album Cannonball!!!, shot a music video, and tackled a grueling European tour with Minnesota-based rapper Astronautalis.

Bleubird wrapped up the tour over the weekend, arriving in Fort Lauderdale on Monday for a quick two week break. However, you can bet it will be anything but relaxing. In between unpacking and picking

up his baby birds, the always charismatic Jacques Bruna took a

quick moment to chat with New Times about the new single "Hello

Hallow" featuring Astronautalis,

touring in Europe, and what's next on his list of adventures.

Bleubird is no stranger to Europe -- he used to live in Berlin and has roots in Italy -- but packing 36 shows in ten countries over a mere 38 days was a new kind of experience. However, despite the demanding schedule and almost falling through a frozen river in Bavaria, he describes the tour as "radical amazing!". So much so that the two rappers plan on returning in June for a music festival, as well as to take over Germany and the Czech Republic.

There is no denying the camaraderie between the two artists -- both musically and personally --  and in addition to being a producer on Cannonball!!!, Astronautalis appears on "Hello Hallow", the latest single from the album. The melodic, spoken word style track is reminiscent of the beat generation, easily imagined as something you'd hear during an underground Gingsberg reading. The deep, ominous voice of Astronautalis compliments Bleubird's rapid fire, intense lyricism, giving the track an intoxicating power.

"Rappers never cry." says Bruna about "Hello Hallow". "So, when fucked up things happen to us and beautiful women smash our hearts to pieces we just write songs about it and go to far away countries to perform them for absolute strangers."

Stream the track below.

bleubird "Hello Hallow" ft. Astronautalis by Fake Four, Inc.

Staying true to his road warrior lifestyle, Bleubird hops back in the "Freeebird" to hit SXSW, followed by a Midwest/West Coast tour with Fake Four mates, Ceschi and Sole. But, before bidding farewell to the Sunshine State, you'll be able to catch him on stage -- alongside Protoman, Astrea Corp, and Gaps -- during the Black Locust Society showcase at Swarm 7 on March 10.

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