Does Anyone Want to Date Ray J?


If you saw the full-length version of the Kim Kardashian sex-tape, for some ladies, this is a no brainer. But VH1 is in the process of starting a new television show called, So You Want to Date Ray J?

One can only suspect that it's all about lining up eligible single ladies to see if they can turn R&B singer Ray J into their next ex husband. VH1 is doing a casting here locally at Opium Gardens on Saturday and if you're looking to land the well-endowed (did I just say that?) singer as your next man, or just want to get famous, then here's your shot. The press release is below:


VH1 and Keisha Kash COORDINALLY INVITES YOU to attend as a prominent guests to the "So You Want to Date RAY J?” on September 13thth2008. Doors open at 11:15 pm. Casting is from 11:15pm to 1:00 am. Must be 21 and up. Bring pics and resume or whatever you have. Vh1 is looking for single beautiful women who think they can turn Ray J, one of todays hottest chart topping hip hip artist and notorious playboys into a one-woman man. Special guests from the Music, and Tv industry will be on hand.

That last line doesn't sound too believable. More like key grips and the camera crew will be on hand. Hell, it doesn't even mention if Ray J will be there, but no matter. Have you ever heard of Hoopz, or Pumpkin, or Deelishis...all of these girls are famous solely for being on a VH1 reality show trying to chase down fugly-ass Flavor Flav. At least this time, the guy you're chasing down is still decent looking so why not give it a shot?

And in case you're not familiar with any of Ray J's work (yes, he is Brandy's little brother) here's his latest video.

--Jonathan Cunningham