BFGF at PS 14 on May 22

Bringing Love to the World
Chris Video, visual artist, man about town, lover, and conspiracy investigator and Me She join together like a two headed Voltron to form fun electronic dancy duo BFGF.  He is boyfriend and she is girlfriend.  If you haven't had a chance to peep their music, check it out on myspace.  If you haven't seen them live then your in big time luck cause they are hitting up Flamingo Fridays next week, May 22, at PS14.  There are a lot of casio tones in this shit, so if that doesn't tickle your toenails, then avoid at any costs.  If you like bouncy cute shit with spooky elements in the mix then listen up. If you are into stuff like the Bohemian Grove, the New World Order or Alex Jones, then definitely engage Chris in a convo post-haste. Also appearing is the lady loving, lechon hogging, dance floor wrecking, beat slaying, multi-instrumentalist producer and king of Miami post-electro-revival Pop, José el Rey and two chicks that go boom - Basside. Check out their el Rey remixed track "Bootie Chorts" on